Going to the City

I have been planning to go to the city in the coming weekend to buy some stuff for my apartment. It has been actually two months since I went to the city as I have been focused on arranging my apartment and finally settling down and immersing myself into the neighbourhood. It was actually a hard decision for me as I have always been a city girl. But a few years back I thought that I need a breather in the fast paced city lifestyle and just this year, I managed to finally move into my new home. It is about an hour away from the city. I also relocated to my new office where i am now working remotely during the rest of the week. I only go there for about two days a week and for the rest of the week, I work remotely. It was such a big decision for me. And of course, it is a leap from the lifestyle I have been used to. I never want to go back and deal with the complexities of city life that is why I ended up here. My friends, at first, were a little confused of what was I doing.


They actually though I was insane for moving to a new town without someone I know. I know! This was a hard decision but I think this is the best. And I will be going back to the city this weekend so i can go to the mall, probably insert a couple of hours of coffee with my girl friends in the cafe before heading home. I have already checked my car and it is still in top shape and condition. My dashcam, my gear, and everything, i have dashcam test 2018  checked them before planning to go out. I learned my lesson! I will probably buy some new assorted pillows for my living room and my bedroom. And some few sheets too. I also plan to buy some curtains, some pastel ones, and some kitchenware. And some appliances too! I need to replace my old rice cooker and coffee maker. They stink already! And of course, some new clothes ( i threw my old ones already before i moved in and to be honest, I actually regretted some stuff i gave away) My mother said I should be doing a housewarming activity and invite my friends and my neighbours. And maybe my new officemates in town too. I also met some of my neighbours and they all look okay with me.  I honestly think I could pull that off. My mother said she will help me with the food ( like some pasta, sandwiches, pizza, cookies, and some booze), the preparation and all but i think it will be some complicated stuff I have to deal with again. My friend Linda has already volunteered to help and it seemed like they are both brewing something again without my knowledge. Well, it is not actually a bad idea though. I think i could pull it off with their help.

Attending a Class on Technology


Last weekend, me and my friends attending a workshop about the effects of technology and the internet. I loved how I learned many things about it. Just imagine, all the things we use right now, like mobile phones, computers, tablets, appliances, transportation and almost everything, technology and the internet are one of its main source.

It actually keeps the world evolving and revolving. And almost everyone benefit from it. One of the main point of the lecturer that while we are in midst of technology rise and internet usage, one still has to know its limitations and its possibilities.

For example, one should still be well informed. Do not rely everything on Google or just let internet do work for you. You also need to test and try and research on things. One lecturer pointed out for example that before one sets up an internet at home or in the office, he should now how to test it, or in other words, have wlan access point test to check out whether it is not an pain in the neck or anything. Test and research first before deciding on anything. Because if not, you might regret it in the end.

Gadgets when traveling


A traveling photographer has a lot of camera when on the road. It has different purposed and functions. Though they can be heavy in size and in weight, their functions work well really nice. Here are some gadget you need when you are traveling:

  1. Mobile phone: for the phone calls and to keep in touch with your loved ones even when on the road
  2. Laptop so you can still work like a digital nomad even when you are not in your office
  3. Camera—invest on nice cameras—digital cameras, drones, and 360 grad kamera for that perfect shots. I suggest you buy the best 360 camera. You will not regret it!


  1. Powerbank because you do not want to ran out of battery life while in an island
  2. Tablet you can still type on emails or just read your favorite ebook
  3. Fitbit- this is perfect for people who are traveling but they still want to be fit and healthy. This tracks the steps and the calorie you burn
  4. Blutooth speaker—want some music? Invest in this gadget so you can turn the volume up when you feel like dancing.

Self Storage Solutions


Ever wonder where to put your things in its proper place whenever you are going away? No wonder how there are many solutions to storage and self storage is one of them. It is where you can rent a space where to place your things I’d ever you are going away. You can actually rent for weeks up to months. Usually, customers if these cheap self storage solutions providers are about for three months. People which are also renovating their houses who would like to temporarily store their things in a safer place are another customers of this. So if ever there will come a time where you need to store your things, know that there will be a partner in doing so. Self storage solutions companies are everywhere and they can help you with this dilemma.

The Wonders of Shopping


How does not love online shopping? I gad the fondness of shopping online after I had my first purchase for ny mother’s birthday two years ago. It amazed me how easy and convenient it was to biy something from the net without physically going out and checking out stalls in shopping malls. I bought lots of things on the internet and ever since, I never regretted it. I once bought the best wooden watches  online and I never regretted it! I mean, there are a lot of scams over the internet but I believe that if you are vigilante and you know how to protect your information, especially personal ones, then you will not have any problem at all. I bought clothes, house equipments, shies, gadgets and the latest if my favourite is my newly purchased wood watch. I just love how it was easy for me to buy things and they will just drop it for a day or two which totally saves time and energy.


Lovely Wooden Watches


Hey girls! I just bought a couple of wooden watches from Plantwear which are really, really awesome. When i first saw their designs, I once had doubt if it shall last simply because it is wood. But upon checking out reviews and upon seeing the features and how it was made which was posted in their website, I decided to give it a try.

My wooden watches just arrived two days ago and I am happy I made the purchase. My friends and colleagues from the office were all stunned that Zegarki  wooden watches actually exists! I guess, we were all accustomed to watches made of stainless, fabric and more but not made of wood! I am pretty sure the makers of Plantwear knows that this will be a unique product and that many will like it simply because it is rare. I love collecting watches, especially wrist watches because i always need to track about the time because of my busy schedule. Actually, I usually check my watch every now and then when I am doing something so I can tick a lot in my must do list for the day. I know these watches will not only make me stylish but product as well.


The importance of the skin

I am in love with the way that this Vitamin c serum for face deals with my skin. It happens in such a way that my skin stays more moist, and this is not something that I’ve come to pendant on for having more skin, it’s just helping to solve the problem gradually, so my dry skin and the ensuing lack of Health that is associated to it is just another stress that is gone . isn’t that amazing, that something that has been a source of stress can just be disappeared, so comment away some days, I think that this product is the best thing that ever happened to me. Obviously that’s an overstatement but it is a thought that crosses my mind, if you can even believe that. I seriously cannot think of a better vitamin C serum for anything ever, I cannot think of a better skin care treatment, I can never think of a better thing to use for self care in general, than this amazing product, I’m not the kind of person who’s just going to sprout about a product that I’m not in love with so I’m going to tell you straight up that I am in love with this product. I am in love with this product, period. That’s just the way it goes and I’m so happy that I found my way into it and I am going to continue to use it until the day that I die, probably, because my dry skin is so happy, and my scars fade away, and my wrinkles are kept from being severe and I’m just so pleased.


Amazon Prime Canada’s Popularity

Seriously, you’ll find so much time is freed up by buying the little things in the boring things online, and you’ll even save money by not having Netflix for that time. I mean, if there are Netflix originals that you really love you can have both, but you don’t need to. Just by buying this membership you get to have that, and you get to have twitch which loves you play all sorts of video games and things like that too. Amazon Prime Canada is just the real, real deal in every conceivable sense of the word. I love it. I really do. If I had the money to invest in one corporation, no matter the price of the stock, it would be Amazon. They are always going UP with no sign of slowing DOWN. I admire their courage and their availability and willingness to always take the next big risk and invest in the future, despite the fact that they could be maximizing gains now. The future is warm for them, and they know it, but they show the restraint to INVEST INVEST INVEST in diversifying rather than showing any remote degree of anything that could even be considered as being in the same world as complacency. What else could I possibly say about Amazon Prime Canada? I don’t think there’s anything else to say. I really do think that I’ve said it all. I think that I could say it all again, in one concise sentence. Amazon Prime provides amazing value for everybody, and especially students. How can I put it any simpler than that? I don’t know, I feel like it’s say that 90 times, maybe even more, and just get the same point across over and over and over again.  Kudos, Amazon Prime. Kudos. I certainly believe that you are the real deal.


The connection of human and nature

If people feel something, Mass amounts of people, for thousands of years, living in totally different parts of the world, existing is completely different sets of experiences, I do believe that you have to start to accept that this thing may just be valid. I don’t think that you can say the Christmas if it has worked in so many different context or so many different people for so long. This is not some cultural phenomenon is being pushed by Millennials or something, this is  something that has been powerfully making its presence felt and cultures all around the world for as long as we know, there has been this connection between humans and nature and rocks and minerals and natural healing, and in a lot of cases I think that it is actually a conspiracy by pharmaceutical companies, who are known for being unjust and unfair and corporate and bad, I think that it is actually kind of a strategy for them to Corner the Market On Healing, even though they are not doing anything about a lot of things that Crystal healing, and other alternative medicine, are totally managing to fix and cure about the human condition, and I don’t see that there should be any justification or apologist for this type of behavior. That is why I justify these as perfect Cancer survivor gifts.

Stock photo sites and camera filters

Anyway, here’s the thing, because filter and photo editing technology is now in the hands of anyone, there are more images being uploaded than ever, and more of them are of a high quality than maybe there used to be, in terms of ratio. It’s true a lot of them are not very useful, we probably can say without risk of being wrong that there have never been more selfies or other such photos taken in any other phase in human history, so, you take the good with the bad. Not that selfies are bad, but they aren’t very useful or dynamic, they have a pretty basic usage, and there isn’t very much flexibility to be found in that. Generally, if you’re looking for stock photos, or a great stock photography website, you’re looking for something that can have multiple meanings, or at least some sense of being vague. Obviously, this isn’t the easiest thing to achieve, but it is something worth striving for if you are curating stock photography websites, or anything like that. It is also worth striving for if you were taking pictures and hoping that other people notice them. Some people have begun to enjoy photography, complete with the filter and editing tools of the modern day, for the purpose of a personal Hobby, and maybe showing a few friends. Others, however, have used their mobile devices to be more ambitious.Some are trying to make a living, or at least a portion of a living, basically entirely off of their cell phones. Can I blame them? Of course not. Does it seem risky? Of course it does. But, do I think that it will probably work? Absolutely… Filter away, my friends. Filter away.